What is CELLFOOD ?

CELLFOOD is The world leading high-performance Oxygen and Hydrogen based consumer Health product.

For over 40 years, CELLFOOD has safely provided Nutritional benefits, without toxicity.

Cellfood for Better Health

Today, it is clear that man is functioning less and less effectively because of oxygen deficiency. Chronic oxygen deficiency, or anaerobic state, at cellular level leads to the accumulation of harmful toxins and acidic wastes in our systems, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens. An excess of acidic wastes in the human body is the root cause of diseases. An anaerobic state can then result in cellular mutation.

Numerous researchers and physicians have come to agree that our greatest weapon for combating bacteria, viruses and chronic diseases is an alkaline body. The pH balance of your inner body is the first line of defense for your immune system. More and more scientists are discovering that bacteria, viruses, fungi and even cancer cells multiply faster in hyper-acidic blood, yet they cannot survive in a healthy alkaline environment. Thus the ideal pH for the human body and blood runs between 7.35 and 7.45. The body can also become acidic from an acid lifestyle such as imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, high stress and insufficient sleep.

We are basically cells. The human body is made up of the combination of 70-80 trillion cells. The quality of your health is really the quality life of your cells. A nourishing diet of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants is very important in maintaining an alkaline body. When you change the internal environment of your body by feeding, alkalizing and oxygenating the cells, your body will begin to heal.

Cellfood is a unique product that can help everyone restore or maintain health. Cellfood is a proprietary ionic formula that contains ionic minerals, enzymes, amino acids and dissolved oxygen, as well as utilizes a unique water-splitting technology. It provides oxygen and essential nutrients to the cellular level.

Cellfood has the ability to neutralize free radicals to reduce primary cause of aging and degenerative diseases. Cellfood releases negatively charged nascent oxygen that seek out and attract dangerous free radicals, bonding with them to form stabilized oxygen. Oxygen is our most important element for life. It is essential for the continual cleansing the body of toxins and acidic wastes, as well as for creating energy.

When you take Cellfood, it makes contact with the enzymes in our saliva and normalizes our body pH. Cellfood also contains natural trace minerals with benefits include: high energy levels, healthy hair, skin and nails, better assimilation and utilization of the food and supplements we consume, creating enzymes that are necessary for vitamins to function and increase their effectiveness in the body.

Cellfood as a unique synergy makes it the best oxygen, colloidal mineral, enzyme and detoxification product. Effectiveness and convenience make Cellfood the most natural choice as the foundation of your nutritional supplement. With sufficient oxygen, a restored pH balance and balanced nutrients, the body can then regain its natural vigor and health.

 Why CELLFOOD is so Extra-ordinary ?

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